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Microsoft Infographic on Mobile Market Shows Compelling Numbers

Everybody loves an infographic, right? Earlier today Mashable ran a Microsoft infographic about the state of the mobile market. The numbers are quite powerful (click the image to see the full version):


I had a huge personal disconnect with one of the stats showing that so many people use their mobile phones for games, simply because I almost never use my phone that way...


Yet I know that many people do and I see that when I'm out and about.

All in all some interesting stats, even if they do have the inevitable promotion of Microsoft Tags, since that was the sponsor of the infographic. (Microsoft Tags being their proprietary mobile tag solution versus the QR codes you see in many places.) Not a bad technique for Microsoft really... create a great infographic with lots of compelling data... and then insert a few little tidbits and links that promote your story.. and then...

... people like me will write about it. :-)

Regardless, there are some good stats there... kudos to the MS team who put it together.

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