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Combined Coverage Map: AT&T and T-Mobile - Montana is Still A Blank Spot

Want to know what the combined coverage of AT&T and T-Mobile would look like on a map? By way of a tweet from Todd Carothers I learned of a post at Fierce Mobile Content that uses maps from AmericanRoamer.com to show what the combined coverage map of the United States would look like. Click on the link or image to see all the various comparison maps:

Att tmobile

Interesting to see the spectrum holdings of the two companies as well.

Alas, my little pocket of southwestern New Hampshire doesn't stand to gain much out the merger... we're still stuck with the limited AT&T coverage we have. At least, though, we're not up in Montana, where it would appear coverage is close to nonexistent... (and yes, I know that population is minimal up there, too).

Interesting charts...

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