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Ah, the Apple Fan Dilemma - iPad2 Day, And No Apple Stores Nearby...

UPDATE: I posted this as a tongue-in-cheek post before I had any idea about the massive earthquake that hit Japan in the last hours. Given that incredibly tragic event, things like getting the latest toytool pale tremendously in comparison. My thoughts are definitely with all of those affected in Japan... the footage coming out is incredibly surreal.

Ah, the dilemma of the Apple fan who does not live close to an Apple store. Unless you've been under a rock, you know that today is the day that the iPad 2 arrives... you know, it's the day that cancer will be cured, world hunger will be eliminated, all the wars will just stop, and....

... well, okay, it's really just a day when another expensive gadget comes out. Er, excuse me, a "magical and wonderful" gadget, that is. :-)

I am thinking seriously of buying one because the content creation capabilities seem vastly superior with the built-in camera... and since I won the current iPad I'm using at a conference, I'm okay buying one today.

Well, it most likely won't be today.

You see, Keene, NH, where I live, is a beautiful place to live. But it's about a 1.5 hour drive to the nearest Apple store...


The local Verizon stores have already said they won't have any iPad 2's today. We'll have to see if any other local stores do, but it's doubtful. And... when I looked online Apple is already saying that orders are 5-7 days out for shipping.

So I just may need to wait a bit... perhaps I'll hit the Apple store next week in Orlando... :-)

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