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Want to understand where Voxeo is going? Watch this video...

Would you like to understand what Voxeo, my employer, is all about and where the company is going? Want to know about all the cool tools and services we make available for free for developers?

If so, just watch this video interview that I recorded at ITEXPO with TMC:

I spoke with TMC's Pat Barnard about the panels we were on at ITEXPO, as well as Tropo.com, Phono and the other services and products we offer for free to developers.

The amusing part was that this interview was not scheduled in advance but was rather a result of walking by their video area and being asked "How about recording an interview right now?" It was fun to do.... I actually love doing things like this, even just on-the-fly like this. Only one mistake I noticed... the "Facebook Telephone" app is at http://apps.facebook.com/telephone, not the URL I gave in the video.

I also noticed that I talk fast! And as far as I can recall, this was BEFORE any kind of caffeine. :-)

Anyway, if you'd like an understanding of where Voxeo is going and all the cool things we are doing, this video should help in that...

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