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Great Guidelines From NIST on Deploying IPv6

Nistipv6 1As I wrote about over on Voxeo's "Speaking of Standards" blog, the US National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) came out with a great set of guidelines around IPv6. Formally titled "Guidelines for the Secure Deployment of IPv6", the document follows the tradition of many other NIST docs in being more than just guidelines. It's also a great tutorial around IPv6.

You can download the doc at:
UPDATE: Shortly after publishing this post, I was alerted that the URL does NOT work and I, too, have now been unable to retrieve the document from NIST's website. I was able to view it just the other day, and my browser still has a copy in its cache (and I also have a local copy myself). The NIST news archive shows that as of Dec 28, 2010 this document was in fact live. Perhaps the NIST team pulled the doc to update it... I don't know. Hopefully it will be available again soon, and if there is a new URL I will update this post.

It's only 188 pages long, including the appendices and will definitely help if you're just now trying to come up to speed on IPv6.

Kudos to the team at NIST for creating a great doc like this.

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