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Update on Phono, a jQuery plugin to simply add voice/chat to your web app: More tutorials, videos, available...

phono-shadow.jpgHave you played yet with Phono, the new way to add a phone or chat client to your web app, directly from within your web browser? Two weeks ago, when Phono was announced at the jQuery conference in Boston, I wrote about how Phono lets you "rewire the real-time web". In the time since, the Voxeo Labs team and I have been busy cranking out tutorials, videos and blog posts showing how people can build cool apps with Phono. A page is now up summarizing many of the new resources at:

If you have no idea what Phono is all about, that page also provides a great way to learn more. There are sample applications like "Facebook Telephone" and "Twelephone" for Twitter. There's a "Kitchen Sink" example that you can use to get started right away... the Phono Blog, too, is filled with ideas and new ways to add voice or IM to your website or web application, including a WordPress plugin that lets you add a "Call" button to your WordPress blog

It's all cool stuff, to me... and interesting because it makes it even easier to connect people to your company or organization from your website. My next area to explore is using Phono as an embedded chat client... we've had some blog posts up now about how to do that. It's time for me to check that out!

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