Use "Facebook Telephone" to call FB friends - or anyone else!
UPDATE: Apple's FaceTime for Mac - and shutting the video off

Checked out the redesigned lately? (Voice, SMS, IM, Twitter apps...)

Have you visited lately?  Have you used it to create any apps for voice, text messaging (SMS), IM or Twitter?   The Voxeo Labs team just gave the Tropo site a major overhaul ... added a new video intro... added more sample applications in JavaScript, PHP, python, ruby and Groovy... added more documentation... and just generally gave the site a new fresh look. If you haven't stopped by lately, do come by and check it out.

If you are looking for a cloud communications platform to build new voice, SMS, IM or Twitter apps on, sign up for a free Tropo account and get started today! Redesign

P.S. You can also follow Tropo on Twitter or Facebook - and yes, if you haven't figured it out, Tropo is a service of my employer, Voxeo. But even if I didn't work for Voxeo, I still would find Tropo very cool!

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