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nomoresnail.jpgAs readers know, my upgrading of my iPhone 3G to iOS 4.0 was one of the dumbest IT moves I've made in ages and turned it into a virtually useless piece of junk.  (This video someone made sadly shows how bad it was.)  Rather than undertaking one of the various processes to downgrade my iPhone to iOS 3.1.3, I decided to wait a couple of weeks to see if either: 1) Apple released a fix; or 2) my number would come up in Voxeo's internal queue of upgrades to the iPhone 4.

As it happened, both events happened near the same time. :-)

Just in time for my next trip when I would need to be using the iPhone 3G, I did upgrade it to iOS 4.1 and was delighted to find that:


The phone got back its snappiness and it no longer took forever to open up applications or even let me answer a call. It still didn't seem as quick as it might have been before... but it was now in the realm of USABLE.

So if you made the mistake of upgrading your iPhone 3G to iOS 4.0 and have not already moved to 4.1, I can tell you that it worked great for me and hopefully will for you as well.

P.S. So why am I writing some of this article in the past tense? Well, a couple of days after returning from my trip, a small box arrived at my home from Voxeo HQ... yes, indeed, my place in Voxeo's upgrade queue had been reached and I now have a shiny new iPhone 4! So at this point my concern about my 3G has gone away ... :-)

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