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VoiceOnTheWeb: A video interview with Skype CEO Josh Silverman

skypelogo-shadow.pngOver on his Voice On The Web blog, Jim Courtney posted this morning a two-part video interview with Skype CEO Josh Silverman that is interesting to watch. Jim summarizes the interview indicating that we should expect to see from Skype in 2010 the following:
  • a revitalized developer program built around a more comprehensive platform from which developers can, amongst other features, embed Skype into their applications
  • Skype access on many more mobile platforms as well as taking advantage of wireless carriers’ recognition of Skype as a mainstream telecommunications environment
  • expansion of video calling services, including a strong role in the introduction of Internet services as a feature on a new generation of television sets;
  • launch of a formal comprehensive Skype for Business program targeted at small-to-medium businesses
  • many more Skype video interviews on broadcast media – for example, Skype video (and voice) calling has been used quite extensively by several networks to facilitate communications with Haiti following the earthquake

And while Josh Silverman did cover all of those points, I personally found it interesting just to watch and listen to how he covers the points and where he is focusing his attention (through what he talks about). Skype's at a very interesting point in its history and appears to be poised to do even greater things... so it's definitely worth paying attention to what their CEO is saying. You can click the image below to go over to Jim's post with the embedded videos:


Note: I didn't embed the videos directly here because, quite frankly, I think Jim's context and commentary setting up each video is well worth a read.

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