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skypelogo-shadow.pngIn preparation for a Voxeo announcement next week, I've been recording video interviews with several different companies participating in the announcement. Since they are scattered around the world, I asked about doing the video recording over Skype. My reason was primarily that I am personally a huge Skype user and so I've got the recording method down well... and perhaps more importantly because we can get wideband audio as part of the video recording. Anyone who has worked with video knows that having high quality audio is actually a large part of having a successful video... so I like Skype for that.

The interesting part to me was... using Skype was perfectly fine for all of the companies.

I had expected some pushback or the need to find some alternatives, but there was none. So far two of the interviews are recorded and two more are being recorded today.

Having been a Skype user for... what? ... maybe 5 or 6 years now... that's an interesting testament to me to the acceptance of Skype. It also speaks to the ubiquity of webcams and the ease with which we can now include video as one of our communication modes.

Cool stuff!

P.S. Now, yes, granted, all of these partner companies are in the tech sector and on the leading edge of what they do... and the individuals involved may be more of the "early adopter" type... but still, I thought it was interesting...

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