Skype changes "Fair Usage Policy" to stop businesses from being too cheap...
The Park Bench Manifesto - text coming soon, video and slides now up

Want to know why I enjoy working at Voxeo? Listen to this interview (or read the transcript)...

voxeologo.gifTo get a sense of why I completely enjoy working for Voxeo, simply listen to this interview (or read the transcript) from Lee Dryburgh over on the eComm blog: (Voxeo CEO) Jonathan Taylor on the Origins and Near-Future of Voxeo

Do I need to say anything more? There is an immense amount of fun in being part of a company whose focus is on disrupting existing players and in the end helping people developer better voice applications... and hopefully bringing about better communication.

For those of you going out to eComm next week in San Francisco, I'll see you there. And if you haven't registered yet, there's still time - check out this blog post for a 20% discount code.

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