Congrats to Skype on hitting 100 BILLION minutes!
Attempt to join a VoiceCon/Mitel presentation on UC foiled by Real Player on Mac

Heading to Orlando for Voxeo customer meetings...

weather1.jpgIn a few minutes I'll be boarding a plane heading down to Orlando for several days of presentations to a number of our (Voxeo) customers. For a change, I'm not presenting, but rather capturing presentations! I'm bringing down all my recording gear and will be capturing both audio and video for posting on Voxeo's blog site. It should be a lot of fun... as well as work. The temperature will, of course, be rather different! They are predicting a major storm here over the next few days, so it will be rather messy. Thankfully today I'm on a direct flight via Jet Blue from Burlington down to Orlando. No layovers... VERY nice!

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