Mitel/Inter-Tel integration plan restructures me out of a job...
Suggestions for a VERY small, portable, *wired* headset/mic for travel?

Thanks... (and I expect my 'light blogging' won't be so light)

MANY thanks for all the kinds words sent my way after yesterday's post, both publicly and privately.  I'll admit that aspect of it has been a bit overwhelming!  But it's VERY definitely appreciated.  Thank you.

As to this comment I made:

In the meantime, I may be blogging a little less here for a bit as I focus on what comes next.

The reality is that after seven years of doing it, blogging has become ingrained and is just part and parcel of what I do on a daily basis... already this morning I've started several posts.  I expect that I'll realistically just keep on posting because that's part of what I do.  Stay tuned...

And again... thanks!