Skype... disrupted. Skype login possibly down for 12-24 hours...
Mitel and Inter-Tel announce the completion of their merger (and there was much rejoicing!)

More Skype outage coverage... (cue "It's the End of the World As We Know It!")

image Somewhat predictably, the blogosphere is going nuts about the Skype outage.   It's currently at the top of Techmeme.  As Tris Hussey notes in his post, Skype has indeed become a key communication tool for many individuals and businesses.  Other VoIP bloggers offering commentary:

The Register, of course, chimed in with their normal attitude.  Ars Technica, meanwhile, commented that the outage was surprising mostly because of ""how often it doesn't happen".  Taking another view, Mashable is reporting that eBay's stock has dipped this morning.

Meanwhile, Skype users around the world consider what other IM programs to use and some of them will, maybe, just maybe, have to actually pick up a phone today!

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