SkypePrime - for a 30% cut to Skype, you can charge people to call you and offer fee-based services to the Skype community... (and will it all turn into porn calls?)
Blogdesk meme ... Jon Arnold tags me... so I get to talk about phones, too...

Skype Journal digs into the rates, process and response (mostly bad) to Skype Prime

Phil Wolff over at Skype Journal's been posting some good pieces about Skype Prime:

  • Walking through Skype Prime Beta - takes you step-by-step through the process of setting yourself up with Skype Prime, including screenshots (for all the Mac and Linux users out there!)
  • The Skype Prime Rates - digs into the reality of the rates Skype is charging... along with the 120-day waiting period to be paid... nice graphics, Phil!
  • Skype Prime blog roundup 1 - recounts the blog coverage that's been going on about Skype Prime

Thanks, Phil, for taking the time to pull all this coverage together... excellent thing for "Skype Journal" to do, so thanks!

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