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Pulver 100 List showcases new and emerging VoIP companies... (and "MICE" companies...)

As he has done for the past several years, Jeff Pulver today announced the "2007 pulver 100 list" - 100 businesses to watch in 2007.  As usual, his list includes many of the names that you see in the news related to VoIP, IP telephony, etc., but there are also some related to video and others of which I honestly had no clue about until Jeff published the list.  (And still don't because Jeff didn't yet include URLs and I haven't had the time to hunt them down.)    You'll note that Jeff is now calling this entire area "MICE" - "Media, Internet, Communications and Entertainment" which does reflect both Jeff's own evolution of focus but also the way all these industries are colliding together. (He wrote more here.)

The Pulver 100 list generates a good amount of publicity, so congrats to all those companies who are listed on this year's list.

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