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So, Ken, how do you *really* feel about Apple's iPhone?

As everyone has been hyping the iPhone, it was entertaining to see that Ken Camp is decidedly not a fan: "iPhone? iThinkNot" After providing links to a number of the VoIP bloggers who wrote about the iPhone, Ken starts tearing apart what he's seen and read.  Here's a taste of the full post:

It will be mediocre at anything, at best. In my words, it will be crap.

The touch screen will be a disaster. The closed interface assures that it's another all your tunes calls stones Apples are belong to us. Apple is the worst offender and not understanding open standards and extensibility on the planet. Worse that Microsoft.

The iPhone is just an iPod. With a jazzier, and doubtless a less functional interface. And yep, it might make phone calls every now and then too. If you're on the right carrier in the coverage area. We'll lock you in to Apple and Cingular proprietariness all with one key.

Limited features, locked in to a single carrier, not open to third  party software. And using the argument that third party software might take the telephone network down? Gimme a break.

So how do you really feel, Ken?  ;-)

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