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September 22, 2008


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Listed below are links to weblogs that reference Skype and SIP interop - the two sides of the issue raised by Michael Robertson:

» Does "Skype for Asterisk" tear down some of Skype's walls? (and allow SIP-to-Skype?) from Disruptive Telephony
Does today's announcement of a beta version of "Skype for Asterisk" signal a way to tear down some of Skype's walls? And does this move Skype along toward better SIP interoperability? The announcement happened out at Astricon today and TMC's [Read More]

» Skype tears down more walls with "Skype For SIP" from Disruptive Telephony
Would you like Skype users to be able to call your business' phone system? Would you like to connect your phone system to Skype's network and make use of their cheap calling rates? If you have an IP-PBX or other... [Read More]



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