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Introducing "Speaking of Standards", a new Voxeo blog about industry standards, IETF, W3C, SIP Forum, etc.

200711292028A large part of why I have NOT been writing here all that much in the past few weeks is that I've been busy in my new role with Voxeo working on a corporate blog portal. I've been covering a bit of that odyssey over on my Disruptive Conversations blog as well as in my weekly reports into the For Immediate Release podcast. It's been a great amount of work but also a lot of fun - I've been very lucky to have a colleague who does amazing things with CSS and graphics, and so the sites look a whole lot better than they would if I were left to my own devices.

I'm very pleased to say, now, that we've reached the point where I'm willing to link to our work and talk a bit about what we are doing. The main blog portal is the predictable "" but the weblog that we're really starting to use and could be of interest to readers of this blog is our "Speaking of Standards" blog found at:

I've obviously been very occasionally writing here about standards and some of that may continue, but I expect most of my writing on the subject will now occur over on this new Voxeo weblog - and I'll naturally be writing more on the subject. We'll be writing about the IETF and SIP standards, but also the W3C and standards such as VoiceXML and CCXML that I've never covered at all here. We'll be linking to events and tutorials we find and generally providing whatever information we can about standards affecting our industry, as well as Voxeo's views and implementations of those standards.

Why would Voxeo sponsor a weblog about standards? Primarily because the company and our products are all about open standards - which was one of the things that attracted me to the company after they first approached me. I've since learned that they've been leading the IVR industry in adopting open standards. As the products page says in the "Fast Facts" sidebar:

  • 100% Standards based IVR
  • Supports W3C VoiceXML 2.0
  • Supports W3C CCXML 1.0
  • Supports W3C SRGS 1.0
  • Supports W3C SSML 1.0
  • Supports CallXML 3.0
  • First platform with XML call control
  • First platform with XML conferencing
  • First shipping CCXML implementation
  • First SIP/VOIP IVR platform

Not bad, eh? Add to that the fact that our CTO (my manager), RJ Auburn, chairs the W3C's Working Group on CCXML and we've hired other folks involved with standards efforts... all of that is why we added a weblog on standards.

So if you would like to see our view on industry standards, find tutorials about various standards or learn about standards-related events we may be attending, I would invite you to come on over and check out "Speaking with Standards" - or subscribe to the RSS feed. While I (and others) will still be working on improving the site, it's mostly done and I'm delighted to be able to return to writing more. Let us know what you think!

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