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How Does IPv6 Impact Telecom Networks? Join This Free Online Session Tomorrow To Learn...

Worldipv6day 2How does IPv6 impact telecommunications networks? How will IPv6 affect the SIP protocol? If you work in telecom, what should you be aware of with regard to IPv6? With World IPv6 Day only a week away, if you have been wondering about these kind of questions, please feel free to join me live in a free session hosted by the US Telecommunications Association:
IPv6 and Telecom Networks
Thursday, June 2, 2011
1:00pm US Eastern

Registration is free and if you are unable to attend it will be recorded for later viewing. (And if you register now, you'll be notified when the archive is available for viewing.) The description of the session is:

The networks that make up the Internet and IP communications are in the middle of a sea-change with the transition to IPv6. What impact will IPv6 have on telecom and communications networks?

Join USTelecom and Voxeo for a look at the various challenges that telecom and broadband services providers face in keeping their communication services working while transitioning to IPv6.

I'll be explaining briefly why there is all the attention on IPv6 then getting into the basics of IPv6 addressing. After a brief overview, I'll then dive into how IPv6 affects the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) and get into some technical detail. I'll then wrap up with some resources about how to learn more and get started with IPv6 and finish with a Q&A session.

If you attended the Voxeo Developer Jam Session I presented back in May on IPv6, I'm going to be covering basically the same material although with a vendor-neutral perspective (i.e. I won't be explaining and demonstrating how Voxeo Prophecy and PRISM now natively support IPv6). Obviously the live Q&A session will be new, too, and I find the questions around IPv6 always quite fun to discuss.

Please feel free to join us at 1pm US Eastern tomorrow. Registration is free - and if you can't join live the session will be archived and available for viewing on US Telecom's website for 90 days. With World IPv6 Day coming up on June 8th, it's a great time to learn about what is going on with IPv6!

P.S. If you are interested in IPv6 in general, you may be interested in the IPv6 Resource Page I put together for Voxeo at:

Lots of good links to tutorials, VoIP resources and more...

If you found this post interesting or useful, please consider either: provides animated "SIP Essentials" tutorial...

(Originally posted at

Tom Cross over at dropped a note to let me know that his team had released a 'fastcast' on the topic of "SIP Essentials". Not having a clue what a "fastcast" was, I found the answer in Tom's news release:

Fastcasts are fast-track audio/video animated 10-60 second advertorials for web, webseminar, PC and iPod formats.
Not sure how much traction the word will really get, but there you have it. Tom's SIP tutorial looked quite interesting in the bit that I explored, with sections on:
  • SIP Basics
  • SIP Trunking
  • SIP QoS
  • SIP Firewalls and Security
  • SIP Applications
  • SIP TCO-Total Cost of Ownership
  • Integrated/Converged Access
  • Key VoIP Options – IAS, Hosted, Managed
  • SIP Total Tutorial with Future Outlook
(Gee, any guesses as to which one I chose first?) Clicking each link takes you to a flash-based tutorial with audio and animation. The ones I looked at were quite good. A nice contribution to the education around SIP... and definitely good for folks trying to figure out what SIP is all about.

Tom's making it available at no cost right now so I'd recommend people check it out.

Just one note of caution... once you enter one of the tutorials, you do need to listen to all of the audio for a page before pressing "Next". If you simply press the Next button to move through the slides, you suddenly find yourself with multiple streams of audio all mashing on top of each other! (And yes, this is the voice of experience writing this...) Kind of neat if you need the effect of people talking over each other, but not terribly helpful otherwise. Outside of that issue, otherwise I found the sessions quite useful. (At least, the ones I went through... I did not go through them all yet.)

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