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Video: Chris Pirillo to Emcee Voxeo's Customer Summit, Oct 10-12

As I mentioned previously, Voxeo's annual Customer Summit 2011 is coming up October 10-12 in Orlando, Florida. One of the latest bits of news is that Internet entrepreneur and ├╝ber-geek Chris Pirillo will be the emcee for the event. He recently recorded this video intro talking about his upcoming trip to Orlando:

Chris is a high-energy and highly entertaining guy... and it will be fun to see him in action at the event!

P.S. If you want to attend Voxeo's Customer Summit 2011, space is filling up quickly but there are still a few slots open - register today!

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Adhearsion (and AdhearsionConf) On Tomorrow's VUC Call - Telephony Via Ruby

Adhearsionconf2011Want to learn more about the Adhearsion framework that lets you easily create telephony and other communication apps using the Ruby language? On tomorrow's VoIP Users Conference (VUC) call at 12 noon US Eastern, Ben Klang from the Adhearsion project will be talking about all that's new in Adhearsion-land, including the upcoming AdhearsionConf 2011 in October in San Francisco.

I've written about Adhearsion before and while I don't do much with Ruby myself, the power of Adhearsion to create powerful telephony apps in a few lines of code is pretty amazing.

If you'd like to join the VUC call live tomorrow, the info is:

There's also a very active IRC backchannel (#vuc on free node) that provides another way to communicate during the call.

Video: Why is Sam Censored?

In the run-up to our presence at the SpeechTEK conference in New York starting on August 8th, some Voxeo marketing colleagues of mine put together this fun video:

And of course, if you want to find out WHY Sam is censored... well... you'll just have to wait until SpeechTEK! ;-)

P.S. There's also an outtake video :-)

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Voxeo Speakers Out at OSCON 2011 This Week... Crisis Comms, Open Source, IPv6

OSCON LogoIf you are out at O'Reilly's OSCON this week in Portland, Oregon, two of my colleagues from Voxeo will be out there speaking tomorrow (Thursday) and Friday. Johnny Diggz and Adam Kalsey will be speaking on:
  • Open Source Tools, Social Media and Crisis Response

  • Managing Open Source Releases of a Cloud Platform

  • Why Should You Care about IPv6? And What Should You Do about It?

I was supposed to be out there at OSCON giving that last presentation about IPv6, but unfortunately I'm not able to travel this week. Adam is thankfully delivering that presentation on my behalf.

If you are out there at OSCON, I hope you enjoy the event - it looks to yet again be a fantastic event!

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Voxeo Customer Summit 2011 - Oct 10-12 - Agenda Now Available - Register Today!

Want to learn how to build powerful communications applications that work across voice, SMS/text messaging, IM, Twitter, web and mobile channels? Would you like to meet the people creating Voxeo's products and services such as Prophecy, PRISM,, Phono, SMSified, IMified, Evolution and more?

Would you like to understand how these services can grow your business? Make your operations more efficient? Open new revenue channels?

Are you concerned about being "locked in" to proprietary services or APIs?

Would you simply like to learn new products and skills to develop your own career?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, please plan on heading down to Orlando, Florida, for the Voxeo Customer Summit 2011 on October 10-12.

Courtesy of a number of sponsors, registration is FREE. You just, obviously, need to get down to Orlando and cover your hotel, etc.

From the Voxeo blog post announcing the agenda, here are some of the highlights:

  • A presentation of the 2011-12 product roadmap
  • Real strategies for creating competitive advantage with multi-channel, Social CRM and cross-channel analytics
  • Technical deep dives on PRISM, Phono and more
  • An interactive Demo Lounge showcasing products from Voxeo and Summit sponsors
  • A keynote presentation by Joseph Jaffe, author of Flip the Funnel
  • A hands-on pre-conference developer workshop: Building Apps with Phono and Building SMS Apps with SMSified (OneAPI)
  • Great networking events including the Party at the Plaza! Come check out our brand new office!

I'll be presenting a tutorial on IPv6 and how you can use it with our applications and will be around through the event blogging, tweeting, interviewing folks and generating other online content.

It promises to be a GREAT time and I'd love to see many of you down there. Register today!

P.S. The first version of this post had the dates incorrectly as Oct 8-10 - and in fact the URL still has those dates in it. However, the correct dates are Oct 10-12. My brain was temporarily confused with SpeechTEK 2011, where I will also be speaking, and is being held August 8-10.

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Slides from eComm 2011: How IPv6 Will Kill Telecom - And What We Need To Do About It

Last week at the eComm conference in San Francisco I spoke about how IPv6 will impact telecommunications and what we as a community should be doing about it. The session was recorded on video and will be posted at some point in the next few months. In the meantime, I have posted my slides on SlideShare - they may not be terribly useful without my narrative... but you may find some of the links of interest:

P.S. If you are interested in me giving a presentation like this to an audience you know of, please feel free to contact me.

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Broadcasting LIVE From eComm at 7:45am Pacific TODAY

Emerging Communications America 2011

Want to know what is going on at eComm, the "Emerging Communications Conference" this week in San Francisco?

In about 75 minutes, at 7:45am US Pacific, I'll be joining Andy Abramson for a one-hour live broadcast on the VoIP Users Conference (VUC) audio and video bridge.

Details to join are found on the VUC site ... but basically involve connecting to using either Skype, H.323 or GTalk. You also can simply call in and listen via either:

We[1] are doing this all three days of eComm and are planning to somewhat randomly pull in speakers and others that we see in the eComm breakfast area, but Andy tells me that this morning (Monday), we've already lined up:

Not entirely sure what we'll cover, but you can be sure that Alec and I will probably get into my response about what's wrong with his Voice 3.0 piece :-)

It should be fun, regardless...

We'll also have the IRC backchannel active at #vuc on Freenode. More info on how to connect, including a web IRC interface, can again be found on the VUC site.

As I mentioned, we'll be broadcasting live every morning at 7:45am Pacific. Stay tuned for more info.... and if you are at eComm and want to participate... find us!

[1] Where "we" equals some combination of us... I'm actually now flying home on Wednesday so I will not be part of the Wednesday morning broadcast.

P.S. In contrast to what I wrote previously, I'm now speaking today (Monday) due to a need to travel home on Wednesday.

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eComm Starts June 27 - The Event Showcasing Emerging Communications

Emerging Communications America 2011

Will you be out in San Francisco next week for eComm, the "Emerging Communications Conference & Awards"? If so, I'll see you there, as I'm speaking on Wednesday. If not... are you interested in going? I still have a pass or two available as a speaker. (Drop me a note... quickly!)

I've always enjoyed eComm as it truly is a gathering of the thought leaders of the communications space... whether those people are working with VoIP or mobile or unified communications or whatever. It's where the "alpha geeks" of comms go to hang out... to network... to listen and learn as they share with each other what they are working on truly out there on the bleeding edge of communications.

Some people have called eComm the "TED of Telecom" and in many ways that's an apt comparison... quick, focused presentations to a high quality audience.

Check out the schedule and the long list of speakers... some truly great people will be there. I expect to be learning a good bit.

My own talk on Wednesday will be on the IPv6 theme I've been on lately. I titled it "How IPv6 Will Kill Telecom - And What We Need To Do About It". I'll be talking about many of the IPv6 issues I've blogged about or spoken about lately... but bringing that all together into a concise presentation. Should be a good bit of fun.

I'm also teaming up with Andy Abramson and Michael Graves to produce a series of daily audio interviews of speakers for the VoIP Users Conference (VUC). We'll be broadcasting live every morning at 7:45am Pacific. Stay tuned for more info.

eComm 2011 looks to be a great show again and I'm psyched to be heading out there to be part of it. If you're going, see you there!

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Speaking at SIPNOC Next Week on SIP Interoperability and Security (and Joining an IPv6 BOF)

Sipnoc2011Next week in the DC area (Herndon, VA) there will be a unique event taking place - SIPNOC: The SIP Network Operators Conference. This event is organized by the SIP Forum and will bring together a great collection of service providers and carriers to share and learn from each other about the realities behind providing SIP-based services today. It will be a great place for those providing real-time communications over IP networks to look at how we can continue to expand and improve the services.

There's a packed agenda at the event that includes many great sessions I'm looking forward to attending. I'll be there speaking about SIP interoperability and some of the lessons we've learned at Voxeo as we've interconnected our SIP cloud to that of so many carriers. I'll also be donning my VOIP Security Alliance (VOIPSA) hat to participate on a panel about security.

And naturally given my intense interest in IPv6 these days (and all my writing about IPv6, I'll of course be joining in to the "IPv6 Readiness" BOF planned for Tuesday, April 26.

I'm very much looking forward to this first SIPNOC event... if you are already planning to be there please do say hello, and if you are interested in attending, you can still register to attend.

We need events like these to help improve the overall IP infrastructure and help move us faster to the time when we can have even more of our connectivity all happen over IP. Great to see!

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Video: Walking the EnterpriseConnect show flow in March 2011

Last month down at Enterprise Connect in Orlando, Florida, I wanted to experiment a bit with using the iPhone 4 with Qik for recording videos. As you can see below, I shot a quick video (using Qik :-) ) of about a minute-and-a-half of me walking through the trade show flow. It was purely a test of using Qik on the iPhone... and ironically I actually forgot about creating the video for a bit.

Anyway, here it is... it's certainly not the best produced video I've ever done... in fact that was zero post-production. I just pointed the camera and started shooting (and undoubtedly look a bit silly walking through a trade show floor holding my iPhone in front of me!).

If you've never been on the exhibit hall floor of one of the various industry trade shows and conferences, this is the type of thing you will see...

Next event, I'll try to do a few more of these... perhaps if I can find one with good WiFi I'll even try some live streaming... :-)

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