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Dave Michels - "The Many Voices of VoiceCon"

voicecon2010logo.jpgThe very last VoiceCon show - ever[1] - occurred two weeks ago and while I spoke in 3 sessions, including a 3-hour SIP tutorial, I haven't had a chance to do much more than post my slides from my VoiceCon sessions. I've had all sorts of posts I wanted to write... just haven't had the cycles.

There have, though, been lots of other people writing about VoiceCon and Dave Michels nicely pulled together a summary of many of the major posts in his piece titled appropriately "The Many Voices of VoiceCon".

So head over to the UC Strategies site, read Dave's post and follow the links to all the various posts... some good ones there.

Thanks, Dave, for curating all the news and creating a summary post.

[1] If you haven't heard, this show was the last VoiceCon "ever" because VoiceCon is changing its name to "Enterprise Connect".

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