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The many faces of ITEXPO - a photo set of the people at the show

While speaking at ITEXPO and the Cloud Communications Summit two weeks ago, I naturally had to bring along my new Nikon D90 DSLR and take a few photos. Following the lead of what I'd watched RJ Auburn do a few times (notably in this set from the Voxeo kickoff meeting), I wound up focusing on people for a change, and the resulting set of photos is now up in Flickr and previewed below (click the image to go to the larger Flickr set):

Faces of ITEXPO East 2010 - a set on Flickr-1.png

If you've been around our industry for any length of time, or been to any of the many events, many of the faces will be familiar to you. Others may be newer folks you've not yet come to know. I've put their names on the individual Flickr photos and their affiliations in the Flickr tags. Obviously this is just a subset of the many folks who were at the ITEXPO event... just people that I ran into during the course of my time there.

Anyway, the photos are up there... enjoy... and yes, it's probably something I'll do again as it was fun to do - and man, I love how a 50mm prime lens can create great images.

I also posted a set in Voxeo's photostream of Voxeo speakers:

Voxeo Speakers at ITEXPO

And I posted another set of photos of the Miami Beach area:

Miami Beach Places and Landscapes (ITEXPO East 2010) - a set on Flickr-1.png

Fun, fun, fun...

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