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Heading to New York today for Interop... speaking tomorrow on VoIP Security

200710240512In a few hours I'll be boarding a plane back to New York where I'll be attending Interop New York this afternoon and tomorrow. If any of you reading this will be there, please do drop an email. Tomorrow, I'll be on a panel at 2:45pm with Jonathan Rosenberg about "Voice-oriented Attacks". (Side note to Interop: Please make it so that we can link to individual sessions instead of having to link to the entire list of "security"-related sessions!) If you aren't aware of who Jonathan Rosenberg is, he works for Cisco and is a huge contributor to IETF efforts related to SIP and in fact was one of the co-authors of RFC 3261 which is the primary RFC defining SIP. He's also the author of "The Hitchhiker's Guide to SIP" which aims to help guide people through the maze of the many, many documents that now are part of "SIP". More relevant to tomorrow's session, he's also the author of a series of NAT traversal protocols for SIP, namely STUN, TURN and now ICE. Eric Krapf, the moderator of the session, is aiming to make it a more interactive and discussion-focused session (i.e. no slideware-to-death)... we'll see if we can make it fun as well. I've also asked Interop for permission to record it and run it as a Blue Box podcast - we'll see if they give me permission.

Note that if you are a CISSP, the ISC2 is holding a member reception today (Wednesday October 24, 2007) starting at 5:30 PM in Jacob Javits Center Room 1EO2 - LEVEL 1. Assuming that everything works with my flights today, I'll be there.

I'll even have some new business cards to give out... ;-)

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