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Going dark for the calm before the storm... (aka "light blogging ahead")

Life takes very interesting turns. Yesterday afternoon I faxed off my acceptance of an offer from a company I'd really never heard of that turns out to be doing some extremely fascinating things. They found me through this blog. We've talked. I've visited. I start on Monday, October 22nd. I'll be actually in a role very similar to what I was doing before, but with more of a direct focus on social media, at least initially. I will still be working remotely from Vermont and will be traveling to similar conferences as in the past. It's exciting and I'm very much looking forward to getting started. Great people. Great company. Profitable. Strong developer community. Been around for a while. In the right space, in my opinion.

For now, though, that's all I'm going to say. More on (or near) the 22nd. :-)

Until then, I'm expecting to be blogging less here and on my other blogs. I'm traveling to a PR/Communications conference next Monday and Tuesday to do a "Podcasting 101" workshop and so I'll probably be blogging about that. There's a hundred things I want to blog about! My queue of articles to write is probably the longest it has ever been. I have about 10 Blue Box Special Editions recorded and awaiting post-production and 2 video podcast episodes to release. There are so many amazing things going on right now in all the areas I write about.......

But there's also the reality that I need to use this calm before the storm to: 1) spend some time with my family, who have admittedly been a bit short-changed in recent weeks; and 2) deal with a whole range of really more mundane issues. You know, things like getting new files set up... getting my office re-organized after the older equipment has been moved out... addressing some household projects that were dropped when the layoff occurred. A whole realm of things like that. And I know that once the 22nd rolls around I'll be doing my usual "pedal-to-the-floor" mode with much less time for such matters - so I need to seize this moment. I don't expect to be writing much. We'll see.

Finally I have to say a HUGE "Thank You!" to everyone out there who offered assistance in ways both big and small. Thank you for your kind words in blog posts and in emails. Receiving those was a wonderful lift, especially on days full of doubts. Thank you for the contacts... for the introductions made... for the links... it was all an incredible demonstration to me of the power of the friendships, the social networks and the communities we wind up being a part of. In the process I have met some truly amazing people at a wide range of companies. It was a fascinating exercise in transparency that did in fact get me to the delightful position of having multiple options to choose from and being able to have a choice. Certainly a wonderful spot to be in - and for that I have to thank so many of you out there. Thank you!

The power of the (social) network is certainly amazingly strong.

Now it's time to go dark for a bit... please do understand if I'm not answering email quite as promptly or responding to IMs or blog posts. I'll be back soon... stay tuned.

P.S. Thank you!

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