VoiceCon - OnState expands their call center solution for Skype
Given that we already have Jajah, do we really need nonoh?

It seems I've been added to the "Friends of Skype" blog roll on Skype's blogs

image I noticed late last night that this weblog was added to the "Friends of Skype" blog roll that appears on the side of Skype's blogs.  Thanks, Skype, for adding me... I certainly don't mind the potential for others to find me. I do write about Skype, although often some of that writing can be critical.

I'll note, too, that Skype's list is actually a great compilation of the various bloggers out there who write about VoIP and collaboration.  Many of them would think of themselves as  (and accept the label of) "VoIP bloggers", but others are from the larger blogging space (ex. Neville Hobson, Robert Scoble, Ross Mayfield).

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