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November 01, 2010


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» Skype and the Incredible Power of Persistent Group Chats from Disruptive Telephony
What is one reason why many people continue using Skype for chat / instant messaging when so many other solutions are out there? Particularly when Skype chat is a closed, proprietary "walled garden" that doesn't interact with IM networks? After... [Read More]

» Understanding Today's Skype Outage: Explaining Supernodes from Disruptive Telephony
For the first time in 3 years, Skype was down today - and as I write this is still in the process of slowly coming back online. A ton of articles were written today, mostly all pointing back to Skype's... [Read More]

» Skype to boost headcount by 50% this year and offer SLAs from Disruptive Telephony
The Financial Times is out this morning with an article about Skype CEO Tony Bates and his plan to hire around 400 more people this year. The article offers some insight into his thinking, and included this piece related to... [Read More]

» The End of the "Skype as Bandit" Era from Disruptive Telephony
And so it ends... Skype was always always a fun company to write about because they were always a bit of a rogue. The scrappy little startup that took on the megacorps of the telecom industry... and won in so... [Read More]

» Skype Hits 40 Million Simultaneous Users! from Disruptive Telephony
Congrats to the folks at Skype for hitting over 40 million concurrent users! Today at 2pm US Eastern when I typed "/users" in any Skype chat on my Mac, I got this great message (Windows users should see the count... [Read More]



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