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June 30, 2009


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Listed below are links to weblogs that reference Skype launches version 4.1... (yawn)... still only Windows... still a fragmented product strategy:

» After 2 years, Skype finally brings the Linux client closer to parity... from Disruptive Telephony
After pretty much giving the public view that the Linux version of Skype was basically dead for the last two years, Skype announced yesterday the first beta of a Linux version 2.1 client. The blog post notes that the Linux... [Read More]

» Why I'm NOT excited about Skype 5.0 with group video calls from Disruptive Telephony
By all accounts I should probably be incredibly excited about Skype's new 5.0 beta 1 with group video calling. After all, I'm a huge daily user of Skype and make video calls pretty much every day. It would be fantastic... [Read More]

» Skype 5.0 brings Facebook integration, group video - but ONLY if you are on Windows from Disruptive Telephony
Skype today released version 5.0 for Windows which looks quite cool...but is also completely unusable to me. First off, Skype 5.0 includes a brand new Facebook integration that wasn't in the beta program and, per Skype's blog post, let's you:... [Read More]

» Skype 5.0 Beta for Mac OS X: A First Look with Screenshots from Disruptive Telephony
Could it really be true? Was Skype actually delivering a MacOS X version that was close to parity with the Skype for Windows version? After all the complaining we Mac users have done? Yes, indeed, for better or worse, today... [Read More]

» OMG! Skype Simultaneously Releases (Almost) The Same Version on Windows and Mac OS X from Disruptive Telephony
Yesterday I sat in such utter shock that I had to look out my window to see if, in fact, we were witnessing porcine aviation. My brain was having a hard time processing something I had just read online. I... [Read More]



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